Feasibility studies begin with the requirement or desire for a construction project. They involve analyzing proposed solutions and alternatives to determine if a project is viable.

Working with project stakeholders, we will apply broad cost projections based on our understanding of the proposed projects program elements. Our cost projections are based on historical data and our understanding of market, material and labour conditions.  All factors will contribute to assessing the future of the project including, construction alternatives, distribution of construction costs, operating and maintenance costs, site servicing and cash flows.


There are many different special assessments that may be required during the operation of a capital asset including:

  • Asset assessments for tax purposes
  • Replacement value for insurance purposes
  • Reserve fund studies
  • Condition and accessibility studies
  • Energy assessments

Our audits and assessments involve examination of the current status of assets and applying a suitable capital value then applying suitable costs to conduct repairs, remediation or retrofits.

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